Fingerprinting Services

Clients looking for fingerprinting services can either come to our office, or our Mobile Fingerprinting Division will travel to your New Jersey location on an appointment basis. We will travel to businesses, residences, hotels, airports, universities etc.

Whether a client needs one person fingerprinted (no minimum), or a comprehensive fingerprinting program for all current and future employees at various locations (no maximum) our services are extremely beneficial and user friendly. We try to avail ourselves at all times, and can schedule an appointment almost anytime, anywhere including weekends.

Our qualified New Jersey fingerprint technicians are well trained, and experienced in fingerprinting techniques and classification. They are equipped with the most technologically advanced, state of the art fingerprinting equipment available. This includes the fingerprinting equipment as well as the forensic inks, rollers, resins, towellettes, and solvents necessary for optimal results. Our level of expertise and professionalism sets the standard for the fingerprinting industry. Our clients rely on us with confidence, knowing our experienced fingerprinting specialists will ensure superior acceptance rates and greatly reduce and eliminate the chance of processing rejected finger prints.