We utilize the best possible fingerprinting equipment available. We bring our equipment with us on appointments and set up mobile fingerprint workstations at your facility.

We bring the following with us when we come to your location:

SirchieAutopalmPrintmatic Station Model APC 300 PIP provides the necessary tools for recording fingerprints. Designed for portability, this station is the most advanced on the market today providing the most accurate fingerprints possible.

Fingerprint Station Card Holder Search Clamp-on Model FEL 6961.

Federal Bureau of Investigation United States Department of Justice Approved Fingerprint Cards CAT NO. FD258. This is a standard FBI FD258 fingerprint card.We always have a large supply of these cards and if you do not already have your own we can supply you with what is needed. If you are not sure what kind of fingerprint card you need feel free to call and we can put you in the right direction.

Clean up prep towelettes (Model # FPT 256). These towelettes prepare the individuals hands before taking impressions. They are formulated to condition the skin and ridges by eliminating excess moisture and by softening hard, callused and dry fingers. Good hand and finger preparation will result in better printing reproduction.

Printover Tabs (Model # KIFP100T) used for replacing individually smudged fingerprints on a record card.

For those people who have fingers which do not produce the best quality prints we use the "ink, roller and slab" method. This allows for a very thin layer of ink to be applied to each finger individually producing the best possible impression.

GOJO Fast Wipes Hand Cleaning Towel which leaves the fingers clean without water. The wipes of choice for women who do not want to have their nails redone.