Client/Industry List

At New Jersey Fingerprinting, we are extremely proud of both our track record, and our ever growing list of satisfied clients. Upon request, we will gladly provide you with references of satisfied clients in your particular industry. From Fortune 500 Companies requiring a comprehensive fingerprinting program, to an individual person needing fingerprints processed for a job application, we have serviced the industries and associations listed for the past 9 years.


  • Teacher Certification
  • Immigration (Canadian and all other countries)
  • Financial Service Companies - Including Banks, Brokerage Companies and Insurance Companies
  • Medical Industry
  • Legal Professionals
  • Employment agencies
  • Children Fingerprinting for schools, camps and childcare facilities
  • Adoptions
  • Home and Healthcare Facilities
  • Security Companies
  • Mortgage Industry- all states in the country
  • Gaming Industry
  • Public and Private Transportation
  • Board of Education
  • Airline Industry
  • Nursing Home

Associations and Agencies

  • Board of Education
  • SLA- New Jersey Liquor Authority
  • Government Jobs including security clearance
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • New Jersey Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • National Association of Securities dealers (NASD) –must use Bar Coded Card
  • American Stock Exchange (AMEX)
  • Police Clearance
  • NASD requires SPECIAL BAR CODING on all of their fingerprint cards upon submission!!
  • National futures Association (NFA)
  • American Bar Association (ABA)


  • Licensing, Registrations and Certifications for all forms of employment and background investigations
  • Immigration for all countries in the world
  • Coaching Jobs
  • Board of Directors
  • Certificate of Good Conduct